ArchivedFeaturedHigh School News2018 Draft this Saturday 1/13/2018 at 1 pm

January 13, 2018


All Captains are required to attend, we will try to hold the draft (around 2:00) of new players and free agents.

Captains, you may have your returning players join you during the draft.


Updated Draft Order

Last years Champions, The Green Gremio, do not have any upperclassmen returning and now have a sophomore as a captain, The League supervisors have decided to give them first draft pick for balance reasons.


New Player Draft Order:

1) Gremio
2) Navy
3) Illuminati
4) Renegades
5) Tropics
6) Sunflowers

Free Agent Order:

Top Tier Teams:
Top Tier Teams order will be selected randomly by picking numbers out of a hat

Green Gremio

Lower Tier Teams order:
5) Navy
6) Illuminati
7) Renegades


Will be determined after the draft

Registered New Players:

We will be holding a new player draft, all new underclassmen (freshman-sophomore) to the league will be evaluated and drafted by captains of six teams.

All New Upperclassmen (Juniors-Seniors) are free agents and will be selected in a separate free-agent draft.

Registered Returning Players:

Come shoot around.  We will be holding some pickup games with the new players.

Unregistered Players:

If you have not signed up yet you can do so today  ($70) at the middle school during check-in.  If you are not 18 please make sure you are accompanied by a parent during signup.

Waiver Wire:

Anyone who registers after this Saturday is assigned to the waiver wire and can miss up to 2 games before being placed on a team for balance reasons.


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Registration this Saturday! 1/5/2018

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Draft Results and Schedules will be released on Wednesday