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About the League Creation


The Sparta Recreation High School Basketball League was founded by Marianne Dilworth of Sparta Rec and Matthew Pait of the KoN Corporation in 2010.   They wanted to create a league that had minimal parental involvement putting coaching responsibilities on the upperclassmen in the league. Giving these team captains the power to trade, draft players, and sign free agents, the result has been a great success. Trading lets the Captains work to get that star player or friend on their team. The draft ensures new freshman and sophomores will be placed and keeps teams balanced. Many new friendships have been made (some kids stay on the same team together for 4 years!) , games won and lost.   From 2010-2017 Matthew and his brothers Thomas and Patrick managed and supervised the league without incident. In 2012 they filmed the playoffs and created a sports show, check it out here.

About the Website

All information for this league is paperless and online.

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