Sparta High School Rules for 2019

  • All games are 20 minute halves running time -stop time last 2 minutes of the second half if game is within 15 point spread.
  • Each 5 minutes the game will stop to allow for subs-  At each substitution all players that are not in have to enter the game.  Clock will stop for subs
  • Each team is allowed two 60 second time outs per game
  • Any defense is allowed.  IF spread is 20 points no press or trapping is allowed full or half court.
  • 7 team fouls will result in a 1 and 1 for each half
  • 10 team fouls will be 2 shots for each foul
  • Standings and schedule will be posted on spartatownbasketball.com
  • All game results scores should be e mailed to ken@dstbasketball.com
  • Directors of League are Ken Ferrare and Tyler Daniel any trades must be approved by them and agreed on by both captains and all players involved or they will not be considered.